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    Проверено Saefko Attack Systems Pro (Windows + Android) Botnet/RAT

    average rat..no much features for infecting PC
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    ARES RAT v1.2.1 Cracked

    c this recover/steal from email client?
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    Мега Коллекция Stealr Hacker Pack

    But Zyklon HTTP can not steal from email clients like outlook!
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    Мега Коллекция Stealr Hacker Pack

    pease do you have Phantom keylogger?
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    Cyborg version 3.9.2 | Panel

    do not click this shit!!! its ransomware...it messed my pc but i was able to decrypt...DO NOT CLICK
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    cn it recover from email clients?
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    njRat 0.7d Golden Edition (Rus)

    this is a good RAT..can vouch
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    Neutrino v5.1 HTTP Botnet Panel + Builder

    whatts features...
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    luminositylink 1.5

    difficult to get that, its outdated...
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    Diamond fox botnet FULL LICENSE

    Its old and outdated yet many messages to view or download...
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    Phantom Keylogger - клавиатурный шпион нового поколения

    what are functions/features
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    Loki RAT

    good toot old, crypto wallet not working anymore...too many bot on panel when used
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    AutoLOG Keylogger | UAC Exploit | Immortal Persistence | Password Recovery

    dead, all the same thanks for the share
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    Diamond fox botnet FULL LICENSE

    i dobt if this is still a good tool, its old buddies