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Data-Driven Testing Vs Keyword-Driven Testing



The process of software testing is highly important, thus it requires a significant amount of time, effort, and expenses. However, there exist numerous methods to simplify and accelerate testing. Test automation is a very useful approach to software testing. Test automation offers a range of different tests. You can find the most suitable solution according to your requirements. Keyword-driven and data-driven testing are popular techniques in terms of this approach. These two tests are quite similar and thus are often confused, but they are not the same. Let’s figure out how these tests differ.
What is the point of data-driven testing? The test is carried out by using multiple sets of input data. The data is used as inputs to script actions. Each data set is considered a new test case. The more sets you have, the more test cases you can execute.
What is meant by keyword-driven testing then? In this test specific keywords represent actions. Each keyword is associated with some functionality. This also makes the test reusable, thus you are able to create numerous test scripts by using the same set of keywords. More information.
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