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Не актуально [Special Dedicatet] SpyNote 6.4 Android (by 11.2018)

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Little Big


Control with ease
You can control all device tools and features.
  • Private Binder.
  • Private Socket.
  • Encrypted Apps.
  • Encrypted Connection.
  • Stable Installation.
  • Port Password.
  • Keylogger Offline/Online.
  • Accounts Manager.
  • Phone Settings.
  • Applications.
  • SMS Manager.
  • Terminal.
  • Chat.
  • Get GPS Location.
  • Contacts Manager.
  • Check Browser History.
  • Watch Live Camera Front/Back,With Different Sizes And Quality, And (Focus,Zoom,Flash Mode On/Off).
  • Capture Photos And Videos.
  • Explore Files With Full Access.
  • Make A Call, Record A Call And Browse Call Logs.
  • Listen Live Conversation Through Mic, Record Mic Sound.
  • Floods/DDOS Protection.
Оффициальный продажник SpyNote - Android Remote Administration Tool (стоимость $499)

Private Hide (admin-moder-legend)

Ps. Ссылку на скачку дам кому посчитаю нужным
В этой теме нельзя размещать новые ответы.
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