SPECIAL REPORTING: Virgil's van Dijk latest investment surprises experts and shocks big banks

The Dutch are already making millions of euros by taking advantage of this loophole to get rich. Last month, sales of supercars and real estate skyrocketed.

Virgil van Dijk - is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Premier League club Liverpool and the Netherlands national team.
Virgil is known as a bold person who doesn't mince words and has no problem being honest about how he makes his money.

Last week he was a guest on Dutch TV program and he talked about a "loophole to get rich". He said that this new opportunity can make anyone a millionaire within 3-4 months. Virgil van Dijk urged all Dutch people to quickly take advantage of this great opportunity, as long as the big banks support the project and invest in it.

Indeed, a few minutes after the interview ended, the studio received a call from ING to confirm the information. Dutch banks and the government fully support the new platform.

Here's what exactly happened:

Dutch TV program presenter Linda Margaretha de Mol invited Virgil van Dijk to share tips on building wealth on the air, and he revealed a big secret.

"I have become successful because I seize new opportunities quickly and without hesitation. And right now I'm making the most money with a program for automatic crypto currency trading called Crypto Soft. It is the greatest opportunity I have seen in my entire life to quickly build a small fortune. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity quickly while all the banks are supporting it!"

Linda Margaretha de Mol did not believe her eyes when Virgil van Dijk pulled out his phone and showed viewers how much money he is making with this new program that everyone in Netherlands is now talking about.

Virgil van Dijk reveals new secret investment that makes hundreds of people in Netherlands very rich

The interview with Virgil van Dijk was over before he could explain everything exactly. Therefore, we have an exclusive interview with the man himself to find out more about this controversial opportunity.


"You may have heard of CryptoSoft This is a new platform for investing in crypto-currency that helps ordinary people in Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium build a fortune in no time. Possibly you are skeptical because it sounds too good to be true."

Virgil van Dijk continues:

"I understand that because I thought the same thing when a good friend told me about this. But after I saw with my own eyes how much money he was making, I had to try it myself.

I am glad I tried it because I have never made huge money so easily. With the program that trades automatically, I am making tens of thousands of euro's a day. It is literally the fastest way right now to make huge money. And this will not be possible much longer because more and more people are discovering this opportunity. It may also be the case that banks will start to balk at allowing you to take advantage of this opportunity."


The idea behind CryptoSoft is simple: to give ordinary people the chance to make money from the vast opportunities offered by crypto-currencies. Contrary to what most people think, this is still the most lucrative investment of the 21st century.

The price of bitcoin has fallen after its all-time high of €60,000 per bitcoin, but traders are still making huge money. Why? Because there are thousands of other crypto-currencies besides bitcoin that are traded daily with huge profits.

Some of these crypto currencies are Ethereum, DogeCoin, ShibaInu, Monero and Zcash. These crypto currencies still provide ordinary people in Netherlands with returns of 800% or more.

Thanks to CryptoSoft , even when there is a bear market you can make a profit with all these crypto currencies. The system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically perform long selling and short selling, so you can make money 24 hours a day and even when you are sleeping.

CryptoSoft is used by some of the smartest technical people ever. The Dutch Prime Minister - DMark Rutte recommended the platform in his last public speech.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte talks about the new CryptoSoft app for the Dutch

But does the system really work?

The best way to answer that question was to put Virgil's van Dijk claims to the test. We set up an account and deposited the initial amount of €250.

Then all we had to do was press the "Start" button. The software would apparently do the rest for us.

Before we even had a chance to respond to everyone's questions, Virgil interrupted us and said with a big smile on his face, "I rose to €298.42 after only 8 minutes."

If in 2018 you had invested just had invested €100 in digital currencies, you would now receive a dividend of €28 million!

Sign up here and start profiting!

We decided to test the platform Van Dijk was using again to see if it was really possible to make money or if maybe it was a one-time thing.

Here's how it works: We quickly discovered that the platform charges 2% commission on the profits a user generates and you need to deposit a minimum of €250 to get started. That money is your first investment and the trading software uses it to trade with.

We also discovered that the algorithm makes money by buying when the price goes up AND when the price goes down. This is called "short-selling" and the platform does it for you automatically.


Virgil was able to book a profit of €233.18 after only 3 hours. It took us much longer. It took the platform 20 hours to generate €192.19 profit and we were really impressed with that! I have never traded in my life, but we were still able to generate profits.

Every day we spent about 25 minutes looking at the results and after 5 days the platform had traded the huge amount of €630. That's an increase of 210% compared to our initial deposit. I really started to believe in this platform.

After 7 days, our initial investment had increased to €1,930. At that point, all sorts of possibilities began to run through my head of the things I could do with that money. This is more money than I make working a week and I had not even spent 3 hours a week looking at the platform.

I decided to keep our account active for a total of 15 days because I wanted to see how high it would go. Our account finally reached a high of €7,380.10 but also had a negative transaction of - €79.51. I looked through the logs of our transactions and discovered that not every transaction was profitable, on some we even lost money.

The platform is not a panacea, but after 87% of our trades were profitable, we had earned a net €7,300.59 with an initial deposit of €250. It took me less than 3 hours of work per week and that without any technical or investment experience.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I decided to use the 'withdraw money' feature to withdraw €7,300.59 from my account.

All in all, we were able to earn €7,300.59. We decided to take the money and distribute it among ourselves.

Note: It took 3 hours for my money to be deposited into my own bank account.


Currently, our readers can try the platform with a minimum initial deposit of just €250. You can withdraw this amount at any time.

Given the huge increase in popularity of the trading platform, this minimum initial deposit can be increased!

It is crucial that you sign up immediately as we do not know how many places are available

You can deposit money into your account via credit card or bank transfer.

In three steps you get started:
1. Sign up for a free account
2. Deposit the minimum €250
3. Use the trading platform to start making profits

Note: You can withdraw your winnings or first deposit at ANY time using the 'Withdrawal' button within the platform


Je krijgt eerst een video te zien die de kracht van CryptoSoft All you have to do is enter your name and email address to get started right away.

(Tip: even if you decide not to invest any money, I recommend you sign up now. This is because it is free and it may become impossible to register at any time).

Change your life today

It then asks you to deposit money into your account. While I was on the page to deposit the money, my cell phone rang. I doubted whether I should answer it because it was an international number, but then I realized it must be a call from CryptoSoft manager.

Yes, it was my own personal account manager. His service was great. He helped me throughout the process of depositing money into my account. The company accepts all commonly used credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and any other Dutch bank card. I then deposited the minimum amount of €250 into my account.

Once I had deposited the money into my account, I went to the "automatic trading" section of the software and set the amount to trade with to the recommended €50. The software began to execute trades at a rapid pace and at first I was quite nervous, but I decided to let the system do its job.


We have just received the message that as of today there are almost no more spots available for Dutch people. CryptoSoft can only accept a limited number of users in total to ensure that each user can make a lot of profit. Currently there are still (37) spots available, so be quick and sign up now to get your spot..

Alexia Vandenabeele

I have been trading with it for the last few weeks and have made a small profit of 2,300 €. I think it's great!

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I saw it on the news and signed up yesterday, I'm up around 280 €.

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A friend of mine used it and recommended it, I will look into it.

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It gives me more income than my main job!

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The platform does all the work for you. That's wonderful.

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I saw it on YouTube. Best recommendation in my feed

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7,800€ for three days. Where can you get more? It's a masterpiece.

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Joshua Vandaele

1680 for 4 hours. I am totally inexperienced in this, but the platform does everything by itself and I just earn

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Charlotte Desramaults

I bought my first bitcoin yesterday and I am very excited to see what this can do for me in the coming days.

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In the summer I will buy myself a new house, thanks to this good investment

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I agree with what you said. This is the best recommendation

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I have been very busy this past week with the kids and family, but the platform is there just for people like me. In 3 days I traded 1890 €. That's a good start.

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Noé Van Campfort

My investment of 400 has already paid off and I now have over 17,000.

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I don't know much about technology, but the platform does everything for me. I am very happy.

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I'm with you now, wish me luck

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My friend shared this article. He is very lucky, he was one of the first to try this project

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All my friends are talking about it. I recommend

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I wasn't sure about signing up, but I'm so glad I did. I earned something like €11300 after only 2 days on the app.

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I just made my first deposit. I can't wait to start trading.

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I had no practical experience. But even I did it! Thank you for the information.

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Soon I will buy for myself a brand new car directly from the dealer. And I've only been using it for a month.

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